Our company is a family business located in Lichada, Evia, Greece and our main activity is processing, manufacturing and trading of table olives all types and in all sizes with various packaging options, and in according to customers needs, whether this regards wholesale or retail. Our company was founded in 1970 by Panagiotis I. Adamakis, already having inherited a 25 year experience by his father, Ioannis R. Adamakis. 

Our products are of the best available quality OLIVES. 
The olive sizes vary from Super Mammoth (91/100) to 
Fine (321/350) 
Packaging varies from 5kg vacuum bags to 13kg metal tins or plastic drums. 

We provide superior quality packaging in all our products to ensure convenient shipping 
and longer shelf lives. We also sell our product in bulk in 50 kg and 130 kg plastic barrels. 
We perform several quality tests throughout the packing procedure for every export conducted. 
Our prices are highly competitive throughout the market. 

Our main activity is processing, manufacturing and trading of table olives in all types and sizes, various packaging, always according to our customers needs, whether this regards wholesale or retail.
We continually give our best so as to provide a superior quality in the market. 
Our priority is maintaining the traditional character of our business, whilst at the same time aiming for high quality service and the client’s gratification.

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