Turning Natural Resources into a promise of better life.

AIMR; a company headquartered in Alexandria Egypt specializing in mining products and manufacturing refractories. Aiming to establish a global presence as a premier supplier of minerals extracted from different countries, we pride ourselves on the resources to which we have access and the quality of the products that we offer.

Throughout the years AIMR succeeded to enrich supplied product range including Calcined Kaolin, Chamotte, Bulk Rock Salt, Rock Phosphate, Talc, Anthracite, Silica and Refractory Castables.

Our corporate philosophy is to attain assets throughout the value chains, from simple exploration to operating mines to producers and exporters. Our company follows a balance market acquisition strategy to maintain vale for its shareholders.

Whether the products are supplied in bulk like Rock Salt, Phosphate rock, Kaolin or require special packaging arrangements, AIMR supply chain maintains exceptional supply rate in terms of quantities and location convenience achieving incomparable support to our customers and distributors.

AIMR’s team has years of experience and hands-on experience in mining and mineral resources. The company has also developed relationships with significant industry players, international partners, and government stakeholders.

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  • Nepregorni materiali in izdelki
  • natural talc
  • clay
  • mining products
  • anthracite

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