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Akrobat has established itself as one of the leading European manufacturers of trampolines and trampoline parks with more than 16 years of experience in trampoline manufacturing. We pride ourselves today as one of the top European suppliers of trampolines focused on qualities that bring real value to our customers. All our products are made in accordance with the highest EU standards. Akrobat trampolines have been laboratory tested for their ability to absorb jumps and the intensity of the G-force they subject the body to. Results demonstrated a more even deceleration of the jump, slowly bringing the body to a halt and softly absorbing the landing, compared to mainstream competitor products. Akrobat trampolines are synonyms for lasting quality, unpaired performance, and guaranteed safety. We are always striving to find the highest quality materials offering maximum safety and minimum maintenance. Akrobat is One-Stop-Shop for trampoline parks investors and owners all over the world. We believe active play enriches children’s lives and allows them to build a healthy body that will contribute to their overall development and help them achieve their full potential in adult life. We worship diversity, that’s why our complete range of trampolines comes in all shapes and sizes and covers a wide spectrum of needs for different customer profiles.

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    11 – 50


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    Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec

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