We specialize in technical and warm base layers since 1998.

We have a wide collection of our own brands Laplandic, Guahoo and Inari and Private Label products according to customer’s needs.

The sales geography includes Europa, Asia and North America. All our clients, including large retail chains, industrial enterprises and other customers choose our brands, because as a manufacturer, we have high standards and we can guarantee you the best possible quality.

We have our own factory in Russia where we produce high quality base layers for our clients.

We would like to offer you our current collections, as well as custom made according to your own needs, 3PL service to ensure that every step from production to shipment is done perfectly.

Together with stock availability, pre-order, fast shipment and active marketing policy these features give us advantages on the market and enable us to build effective service.

We establish trusting relationship with partners, study the needs and requirements, striving to keep up with each customer demand best possible way.
If you need any information, please, contact us and we will do our best to help you!

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  • Leto ustanovitve 1998
  • Vrsta podjetja Vrsta podjetja Sedež podjetja, Matično podjetje
  • Glavna dejavnost Glavna dejavnost Multi-Category

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  • EXW Franko tovarna
  • FCA Franko prevoznik
  • FAS Franko ob ladijski bok
  • FOB Franko ladja
  • CFR Cena in prevoznina
  • CIF Stroški, zavarovanje in prevoznina
  • CPT Prevoz plačan do
  • CIP Prevoz in zavarovanje plačana do
  • DAT Delivered At Terminal
  • DAP Delivery At Place
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  • Virman Swift
  • Dokumentarni akreditiv


  • VTB bank

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  • Own Factory in Moscow Region

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  • men's sweaters
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  • wholesale underwear
  • clothing treatments
  • textile products
  • clothing export
  • sports clothing
  • men's knit shirts
  • sports underwear
  • women's wear
  • knitwear factory
  • tricot fabrics
  • cotton knitwear
  • Women's knitted garments sweaters
  • body-shaping pants
  • thermal underwear
  • wool underwear
  • Women's knitted garments
  • long-sleeved shirts
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