We create, plan and manufacture according to your specifications in the field of cleaning facilities engineering, high-pressure technology, test rig manufacture and clamping technology. We also supply a wide range of high-quality products in the handling, clamping technology, gripper systems and precision parts sectors. Our products are known especially for their long service lives. This is ensured by our intelligent designs, careful material selection and high degree of precision where it really matters. Discover SI-MON, our 360° secure assembly unit! The turning and swivelling SI-MON secure assembly unit guarantees more safety, effectiveness and convenience when working with any workpiece weighing up to 60 kg. Height can be adjusted to anything between 840 mm and 1140 mm. Can be continuously turned around 360°. Swivel area: 90°. Simple to operate via the foot pedal. Smooth and non-maintenance clamping. Can be accessed from all sides. Highly versatile.

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  • Montaža in demontaža industrijskih objektov
  • Visokotlačni čistilni stroji
  • Mounting device
  • Precision turned parts
  • High-pressure water jet
  • Handling systems
  • precision drives
  • tooling
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • CNC precision parts
  • Metal cleaning systems
  • Workpiece clamping devices
  • test counters
  • CNC finishing
  • Mountings for telescopic sights
  • CNC turned parts
  • small precision parts in metal
  • welding jig

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