Asticher Srl holds ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/TS 16949 standard certification, and guarantees high quality levels thanks to painstaking laboratory tests carried out by highly qualified internal personnel. The company can count on qualified 2nd level operators, and pioneering equipment such as a 3D measuring machine (an anthropomorphic arm for taking 3D measurements on behalf of third parties). Our company is able to perform topometric optical scans directly on-site, without the need to transfer the element in question. We also deal with mechanical constructions for the following sectors: energy, oil&gas, special transport, service-revamping, iron&steel, automotive, prototypes, external works, testing for third parties.

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  • ASTICHER Veduta interna capannoni.
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  • Rezkanje jekla in kovin
  • Precisionsmekanik
  • tool machines for working metals
  • metal rolling systems
  • mechanic designs
  • industrial maintenance
  • creation of prototypes
  • metal construction goods
  • mechanical precision assembly
  • assembly of technological systems
  • milling
  • boring
  • machining of special steels
  • ferrous metal and alloy machining
  • precision machining
  • precision turning
  • metal turning
  • metal structural work
  • metal boring
  • metalworking
  • mechanical assembly
  • number control rolling
  • precision machine shops
  • structural metalwork
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