Antenna Systems - We develop and manufacture the antennas at the purchaser wishes.



All Iskra antennas are optimized for best signals reception in the frequency band for which they are intended. A major feature of the antennas we produce is that they all have a built-in type »F« female connector for simple installation of the coaxial cable to the antenna. Antennas are constructed with aluminium alloy type EN AW 3005 (AlMn1Mg0, 5) H165, which has high mechanical strength and resistance to the most adverse weather & temperature variations throughout the world. All metal parts are made from hot galvanized steel that is corrosion resistant and plastic components are made of plastic which is UV resistant ensuring quality and longevity of the product. Antennas are individually packaged into PVC bags, some having a cardboard header with technical instructions for in store placement & visual product promotion. We can also supply antennas that are packaged in the individual printed or plain cardboard boxes.