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Chatron has existed for over 25 years and is currently the largest European manufacturer of Solar Light Tubes-Sun Tunnel-Sun Pipe for daylighting transmission. It has won several innovation awards in Portugal, Spain, France and the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, being one of the main world references in this area. In collaboration with European technological centers, we developed The Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Light Tunnel which became one of the advanced natural lighting systems in the world. It enables natural lighting of spaces through the capture, transmission and diffusion of natural sunlight. In addition, it maximizes the concept of clean energy, channeling the natural light from the roofs into homes, industries or warehouses. It is suitable for both domestic and industrial applications. We have references across Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North, Central and South America. While developing new products, Chatron always keeps in mind energy efficiency. The Solar - Solar Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe are the most efficient in the world thanks to the luminous and thermal performance of each of its elements. The goal is to optimize efficiency and useful life. The TPM - Thermal Performance Module allows to crush the U coefficients of thermal transmission to levels never before seen in the market. Charton also produces solar dryers, solar ventilators, solar water pumps or solar water heaters. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

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Chatron wins European Enterprise Awards

Pridobitev plačila / cene ・ 3. mar. 2021 preberite več Open In New icon

In November, Chatron was selected as a finalist for the “European Enterprise Awards 2020”, awarded annually by “EU Business News Magazine” and now the results have been known, winning the award in the category of “Best Solar Light Tubes Manufacturer”, the company's main activity today. Carlos Brandão, CEO of Chatron, briefly stressed that: “It’s a Prize that we are very proud of and that gives us a lot of additional motivation”. As a result of a path of innovation and the pursuit of perfection, Chatron has become one of the most relevant European companies in this sector of activity and it has the greatest distinction in this area (manufacture of Solar Light Tubes). More Design, Better Performance in Thermal Transmission, More Quantity and Variety of Models Available, More Connection to National and European Scientific Centers, made Chatron, in a few years, the company “Best Solar Light Tubes Manufacturer”.


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