CMB SOLAIRE SAS is a French company based in La Baule. We are creators of the Soway anti-UV brand, recognised by dermatologists. Our products are intended for professionals (outdoor workers) and private individuals, anti-UV hats, clothing and accessories all certified UPF 50+, made in France and made in Europe. Our hats are patented (fabrics created by Soway) and offer 3 qualities never before available in a single hat: - ANTI-UV UPF 50+ Australian standard, - Featherweight (40g to 80g), - ANTI-INFRARED (does not heat up in the sun). These 3 qualities make Soway hats unlike any other in the world. Our hats are supplied with a carry-pouch that they can be rolled up into. They are available in several sizes, and each size is adjustable. They feature chin straps or straps to protect in high winds. Their brims are lined with a soft fabric to cut down echo. The famous yachtsman Loïck Peyron was keen to join the Soway team and became our partner and ambassador after wearing our hats during many sailing races, such as the 2018 Route du Rhum.

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