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ΒARΒOUNAKIS CHEMICALS was founded in 1990 and is engaged in the design, production and marketing of detergents and cleaning chemicals.
The company is located in Athens, Greece in modern facilities along with the production plant.
The company has a wide range of high quality cleaning products that fully meet the needs of professional and household cleaning.

Our Products
✓ DISHWASHER LIQUIDS .. Concentrated siccative and highly concentrated professional & household siccative - brightener for dish-washing and glass-washing machines for very hard water

✓ WASHING MACHINE Liquid detergent for all washing machines. 
    Ideal for low and high temperatures

✓ WASHING MACHINE Fabric softeners with high emollient content.
✓ DISH-KITCHENWARE CLEANERS, Highly concentrated dish-washing liquid

✓ HAND CLEANERS in foam with neutral pH

✓ FLOOR CLEANERS for caring floors with very low foaming

✓ GLASS CLEANERS Ideal for windows - mirrors and smooth surfaces with pleasant aroma

✓ OVEN HOB CLEANERS for ovens and burnt grease from grills - hoods etc

✓ GENERAL PURPOSE CLEANERS ideal for carpets concentrated general purpose foaming cleaner, and Acid detergent descaler for cleaning and maintenance of sanitary facilities

✓ FLOOR POLISHERS is self-polishing floor polish liquid (long-term)

✓ CHLORINE Sodium Hypochlorite solution of 5 wt% active chlorine. Cleans, whitens,  

Seeking wholesalers & Buyers for our DETERGENTS CONTACT us for more information

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  • Professional liquid detergents
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  • Concentrated powerful professional cleaner for dishwashers and glasses

  • Concentrated powerful professional cleaner for dishwashers and glasses

  • Concentrated siccative - rinse agent for professional dishwashers & glasswashers

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  • Detergenti in mila - za industrijo in obrt
  • Detergenti, za gospodinjstvo
  • detergents for windows and mirrors
  • detergents for dishes
  • kitchen detergents
  • household detergents
  • liquid detergents
  • dishwasher detergents
  • detergents for bathroom fixtures
  • washing machine detergents
  • sanitizing detergents
  • floor detergents
  • washing detergents
  • wholesale detergents
  • detergent foams for the bathroom
  • Detergents and degreasing - professional
  • Soaps and detergents - industrial
  • production of detergents
  • Detergent manufacturer
  • Domestic and industrial grade detergents and degreasers
  • household floor polishers
  • industrial detergents
  • local and foreign commercial partners sought
  • detergents

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