Demteks is a family-owned manufacturing company, specialized in production of Arnit Laid Scrims. More than 20 years of experience, knowledge and our constant tendency for perfection, made our laid scrims well known for its quality and reliability. The Arnit laid scrims are a textile flat creation where the threads are bound at intersections by the binding material. For this reason, the laid scrims are thin and, in relation to the flat side, stable and firm. The special advantages of our laid scrims are: ​ - a great possibility for choosing textile material and possibility of various thread settings, - various kinds of binding material, - securing of the necessary or required chemical-physical characteristic features Arnit is used in particular as a reinforcement or stabilizer in various industrial productions: - Manufacturing of reinforced multi-layer products made of paper in various combinations ​- Manufacturing of foils ​- Manufacturing of various felts and fleeces ​- Plastic processing ​- Construction industry For more info please visit our website or contact us.

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