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The company was founded in 1991. At first, it only operated in the field of house electrical installations. Due to the increased demand for various electrical installations, it was necessary to expand the field of operation to other areas of electrical installations. In 2011, we started entering to foreign markets. Due to the economic situation, we have started to expand our offer to other areas, such as construction, where we can now offer services from the beginning of construction to installation and completion of construction – this means that we offer services from floor to roof. Staff: Our employees have different job profiles: workers; electricians; machine installer; engineer; electrical technician; master of electrical installations; Bachelor of Electrical Engineering; Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

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Due to the increased demand for various electrical installations, we expanded our original services of home electrical installations to other areas of electrical installations. We arrange everything from the connection to the main power supply to the electrical wiring of the sockets in the house. Electrical installations are one of those construction works that should never be carried out without expertise. Therefore, entrust your electrical installation work to our company with experience and numerous references in the field of: classic electrical installations; intelligent installations; internal alarm systems; internal fire systems; video surveillance; street lighting; lighting of sports facilities; industrial installations;


As part of construction, we take care of a wide range of construction works, which we perform with quality and within agreed deadlines. We provide services necessary for the construction or adaptation of a house, as well as demolition work, earth and concrete work and masonry work. We own a lot of our own construction machinery (excavators, rollers, truck, vibro plates, vibro frog) Our experts will take care of: crown drilling of holes; pool technique; demolition of buildings; adaptation of buildings; internal sewage; internal plumbing.


We perform various services with construction machinery (excavations, planning, stamping, removal of stumps, excavation of ditches for various purposes). Excavations; stamping; levelling surfaces; demolition; construction of sewage drain; etc.


In addition to the external arrangement, which is in our offer under the section construction works, we also offer landscaping. We are an experienced and reliable partner in landscaping who can perform services such as: mowing the grass, shaping the hedge, hoeing the soil, fertilizing the grass, shaping the pond, professionally arranging the surroundings and the yard. We specialise in: mechanical and manual landscaping; laying of paving stones and other yard coverings; construction of an irrigation system.

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