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Fas Italia is a family-based company founded in Florence: Fas stands for "Father and Son". Stefano and Andrea combined their skills to create a virtuous company, standing out in the hotel fitting out supplies business thanks to their boundless enthusiasm and passion to achieve and create. Fas Italia provides its clients with everything they need: Furniture, equipment, complements and accessories. The company's approach is based on imagining, conceptualising, and selecting articles that are useful and innovative, that will enhances guests' comfort and well-being during stays in hotels that care about people and about making a good impression.

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  • Arredamento Camera

  • Arredamento Camera

  • Linea Buffet

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  • Hoteli - pohištvo
  • Pohištvo - oblikovalci
  • Pohištvo za hotele
  • Refrigerated and heated display units
  • Fit-out projects
  • Made-to-measure furniture
  • Made-to-measure furniture
  • Furniture for hotel rooms
  • Buffets
  • Minibars
  • made in italy
  • Food displays
  • Italian design
  • Hotel contract
  • Safes
  • Hotel room furniture
  • Hair dryers
  • Breakfast room furniture
  • Reception furniture
  • Furnishings for hotels
  • Bedroom accessories
  • Accessories for hotels
  • traditional and modern furniture
  • hotel furniture

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