GLOOR – more than just tools...One of GLOOR's greatest strengths lies in the comprehensive advice it gives to its customers, as well as the attention it pays to their needs and requirements. Our top priority is to create tools that continually exceed those used in the past in terms of quality, allowing our customers to significantly reduce their process and parts costs in turn. Thanks to the long-standing experience and well-founded knowledge of our employees, as well as the machines we have developed in-house, we continually succeed in developing custom tools that offer our customers substantial competitive advantages. Our company, based in the Swiss municipality of Lengnau, is well known for its innovative solutions. We continue to gain customers thanks to our many recommendations, e.g.: Give GLOOR a try: Whenever finding the right tool becomes a problem, they'll find a solution.

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  • Friedrich Gloor AG
  • Friedrich Gloor AG
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Ključne besede, povezane s tem podjetjem

  • Rezkala in svedri
  • Forming cutters with boreholes
  • Forming end mills
  • Modular forming cutters
  • Multi-axis forming end mills
  • Key forming cutters
  • Radius cutters
  • V-shaped milling cutters
  • Stamping tools
  • Microcutters for Torx
  • Bone screw cutters
  • Worm shaft cutters
  • Spinning indexable inserts
  • Precision grinding
  • Thread milling cutters, conical
  • Polygon thread milling cutters
  • Internal thread spinners
  • Thread milling cutters
  • Hobbing cutters
  • Gear cutters
  • Adjustable hobbing cutters
  • Bevel gear cutters
  • Crown wheel cutters
  • 1-convolution hobbing cutters
  • T-groove cutters
  • Knurls
  • Special tools for machining
  • Precision tools
  • Carbide tools
  • circular saws
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  • 51 – 100
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  • Leto ustanovitve 1959
  • Vrsta podjetja Vrsta podjetja Sedež podjetja, Matično podjetje
  • Glavna dejavnost Glavna dejavnost Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec

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  • EXW Franko tovarna
  • FCA Franko prevoznik
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  • Virman Swift


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