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Campaign GARNE is a Ukrainian garment factory with a full production cycle. GARNE - means “Beautiful” in Ukrainian. Since 2015, we have been producing clothes under our own brand and during this time we managed to create 15 seasonal collections. Our production and warehouses are located in west of Ukraine in Rivne, not far from the Polish border. This allows you to quickly deliver orders to Europe. Style, quality, beauty and large sizes are the main principles of Garne women's clothing production. 220, 000+ women in Ukraine purchased Garne brand clothing. Choose from more than 1, 000 ready-made models that are already manufactured, and your order will be shipped from our warehouse in the shortest possible time. Today there is a war in Ukraine, but we continue to work. We provide Ukrainians with jobs so that Ukrainian families remain in Ukraine. Our work and paid taxes are our contribution to victory in the war! Feel free to contact us for more information!

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The work continues in spite of everything!

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