Gasket Italy is the evolution of a 40-year tradition in the industrial gasket sector, created to take on the challenges of constantly changing international commerce. We simply offer the best quality made to measure for the client. The know-how that we have developed over many years of activity enables us to produce high-precision pieces, the result of constant research and development to boost their quality ever higher. Our extensive catalogue includes solely products with certified quality, guaranteed 100%-Italian manufacture and with raw materials and semi-finished products all of European origin. Great production of industrial spiral-wound, metal-plastic, ring joint, metal, punched gaskets and packing (asbestos-free, graphite, cork, rubber, PTFE).

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  • Tesnila, mehanska
  • Tesnila in podložni material, nepremočljivi
  • Fitingi, kovinski
  • Gummitätningar
  • Tesnila
  • metagraph plates
  • PTFE for spiral wound gaskets
  • heavy metal gaskets
  • metal-rubber gaskets
  • energised gaskets
  • envelope gaskets
  • semimetallic gaskets
  • asbestos-free gaskets
  • PTFE gaskets
  • graphite gaskets
  • ring joint
  • electrical flange insulation
  • spiral wound gaskets
  • metal-coated gaskets
  • metal-jacketed gaskets
  • flat metal gaskets
  • asbestos-free gaskets
  • metal gaskets
  • camprofile gaskets
  • spiral wound gaskets
  • packing gaskets
  • packing
  • industrial gaskets
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