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Company Globus & Histria are specialised in wholesale and retail of products of high quality and from distinguished brands. Our mission is to always provide timely and high-quality services of delivery of selected products. As a business partner, we strengthen long-term business relationships that are based on trust, reliability and efficiency. In addition to a diverse assortment of products of different brands, our competitive advantage also lies in affordable pricing, which does not affect the quality of our services.Our offer includes personal hygiene products, cleaning products, biscuits, pasta and drinks. We offer a wide selection of quality brands. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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Beauty, hygiene and health go hand in hand with quality and reliability. That is why we offer selected brands in the field of personal hygiene products intended for women and men, of all ages. In this way, we successfully meet the needs of a modern lifestyle, where everyday life cannot be imagined without deodorants, toothpastes, soaps, moisturisers, tissues and nappies and other indispensable personal care products. Brands are: Lines, DOVE,Mentadent, Regina,Lady twin,Fissan, Pampers,Lacca Cadonett, Polident, Pantene, Tempo,Nivea, Creme care, Sensitive, Sensodyine, Fresco, Happy, rokavice Nitril in Latex.


Clean rooms in your home and a fresh set of clothing are the basis of the quality of living, as they provide both a healthy living environment and feelings of comfort and satisfaction. To keep your home and clothing in top shape, our range of brands in the field of household products ensures efficient operation and superior cleaning results. We are offering everything from dishwashing detergents and bathroom cleaners to laundry detergents, fabric softeners and other cleaning products. Brands are Svelto, Ace Gentile Colorati, Dixan,CIF, Pronto, Duck power, Lysoform, Chanteclair, Omino bianco,Lysoform,Lenor, Chanteclair,Coccolino


There’s nothing better than to sweeten your day with your favourite vice. While drinking coffee or juice, at home or outdoors, at work or during your leisure time, a biscuit is still one of the most popular sweet snacks that does not only feed the soul, but also successfully staves off hunger and gives some energy. Since we are taking care of the needs of sweet tooth, our sweet offer includes products by renowned and high-quality brands that never let us down. Brands are: Grancereale,Baiocchi, Ringo Famiglia, Rigoli, Macine,Togo


Creativity in the kitchen always starts with the most basic of ingredients. Regardless of the level of culinary experience and knowledge, good pasta always finds its way back to your menu, at home as well as in distinguished restaurants. That is why our range of pasta includes products distinguished by their quality and exquisite flavour. Check out the offer for culinary aficionados who cook with passion. Brands are: Fusilli, Farfalline, Stelline.


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