Your health is our mission - be it disinfection or preventive measures, we are there for you. Our professional disinfection products are ideal for both business and private households. Our appliances eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses, fungal spores, fine dust, pollen, allergens and dust mites as well as Covid-19 viruses, of course. Our disinfection appliances meet the highest quality standards and create a healthy environment. Our experts are happy to share our solutions with you, which are tailored to your individual needs.

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  • Covid-Antigen-Test
  • Luftdesinfektion
  • Zugangskontrollen und Personendesinfektion

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  • Dezinfekcija zraka - oprema in sistemi
  • Čiščenje zraka - oprema in sistemi
  • Rapid coronavirus antigen tests
  • Disinfection systems
  • Disinfection devices for all areas of application
  • Security systems for access control
  • Sprayers to apply disinfectant
  • Ultra cooling appliances
  • Personal disinfection
  • Clothing disinfection
  • Room disinfection
  • air disinfection
  • COVID antigen test
  • Antigen rapid test for COVID-19
  • Ultra-deep cooling devices
  • Equipment for storing vaccines
  • Equipment for long-term storage of vaccines, samples
  • Disinfectant tunnel
  • Air disinfection, floor-mounted appliances
  • UV disinfection systems
  • UVC portable emitters
  • UVC installation equipment
  • Device to measure air quality
  • FreshCloz clothing disinfection
  • Ozone cleaning, disinfection device
  • Spray disinfection
  • UVC air disinfection, air cleaning and eliminating mosquitos
  • Portable ozone generators
  • tillträdeskontroll
  • portable air conditioners
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