HEINEN DOORS - Fabricant de portes en acier coupe-feu et antieffraction !


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Heinen specializes in safety doors and compartmentation. In 1973, Heinen designed the first metal door that combined fire-break performance with intense use. Our offer has diversified since then; we sell burglar-proof doors, bullet-proof doors, explosion-proof doors, acoustic doors, anti-panic doors, and so on. Heinen doors aim to protect everything while guaranteeing stability and strength that allow for intense use to be made of the door. The ‘Quality’ requirements made of our production shops far exceed statutory obligations: thus, Heinen doors offer optimum performance through decades of use. Our products are covered by a 15-year warranty. We can identify customers' real requirements on the basis of pre-defined parameters using the HCONFIG software. We guide our customers in analysing their needs and drawing up the specifications. We concentrate our efforts on research and development to optimize the quality of our products and rely on a network of trusted partners to ensure our customers are satisfied. We primarily work for the transport, nuclear and energy sectors and for industry. We are a trusted supplier to customers like RTBF in addition to various government organizations. Contact us for further details!

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Heinen Metal+, un concept de porte unique

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