Hubei V-Medical Products Co., Ltd. (V-Medical), established in August 2004, and located in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, with about 1-hour-drive to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, is a professional medical dressing manufacturer jointly funded by Kaitaijia Beijing, RAFFIN France and NISSAN Israel.
Since its establishment in 2004, the production and sales of V-Medical have been growing rapidly, with its annual gross value of production and sales of more than USD 14 million in 2016. Moreover, the sales markets of V-Medical have spread over the world, with the European market accounted for half of its sales market in particular.
Through ten-year practical and fruitful operation, V-Medical has developed into a professional medical dressing manufacturer, integrating cotton spinning, weaving, bleaching & dyeing, and finish machining as the one. And it possesses more than 1, 000 products, including various disinfected and non-disinfected medical dressing products. All products have passed the ISO13485: 2003 and CE product certification.
Hongli Textile Mill and Meitaikang Bleaching & Dyeing Mill, operated by V-Medical via controlling and sharing, possess a total of 850 high-speed weaving looms and two sets of degreasing and bleaching equipment, With 350t cotton yarn woven monthly, weaving 15 million meters, and more than 25 million meters degreased and bleached.

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  • gauze roll
  • lap sponges
  • dressing kit
  • asbsorbent pad
  • bandage
  • sterile gauze swabs
  • sterile non woven swabs
  • latex make-up sponges
  • disposable face masks
  • disposable shoe covers
  • disposable gloves
  • medical gauzes
  • gauzes

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