80 years of tradition and experience.

With successive know-how, specialization and constant high quality is the success of our company.
Success is achieved and maintained, by following constant and systematic methods, strict adherence to specific standards and above all, by the dedication of its personnel, with a common vision and goal, committed to total customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the chemical team, the technical staff and skilled experienced personnel, both in the laboratories and in the production sector, the specialized personnel, and the specialized constantly evolving processing methods, using the most innovative equipment contributing effectively to the company’s success.

The company’s philosophy of fabric treatment (whitening, dyeing, flocking and finishing etc.) highlights the soul and character of the fabric, its distinctive characteristics, its color and its pleasant texture, which define the quality, identity and its usability.

INOTEX joins forces with its customers in a joint effort for "success and market dominance", and this is - every time - a confirmation and recognition of quality and constant commitment in the realization of our projects, fulfilling the company’s vision.
It is, at the same time, a vital source of continuation for the company in a very sensitive and competitive industry.

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  • Fabric Dyeing plant

  • Dyeing and finishing plant

  • Dyeing and finishing plant

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  • Barvanje tekstila
  • Dyeing of Fabrics
  • DELAVE Dyeing
  • Reactive dyeing
  • silk degumming and dyeing
  • Nylon Dyeing
  • pigments and dyes for the textile industry
  • textile dyeing machines

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  • Glavna dejavnost
    Glavna dejavnost
    Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec

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