IRSA: Since 1975, we have been researching, developing and producing extraordinary and innovative products for the protection of surfaces. We offer surface finishes for the protection of wood in interior finishing such as parquet, wooden floors, for wooden facades, garden furniture, wooden terraces and patios, for cork, bamboo, sports planes, silo, stable floors and special products. The results of our work are environmentally friendly sealants, oils, paints, care and cleaning agents. We complement our range of products with abrasives, pads, wiping and working tools and machines. We manufacture products that make the renovation of surfaces possible. Achieving quality and saving costs is the guiding principle of our customers, who are focused on long-term product value retention. Our product range encompasses many individual design options – for example, selected combinations with colour systems, sparking or gloss levels (from extremely matt to high gloss) can optimise interior design.

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  • 11 – 50
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  • Leto ustanovitve 1975
  • Glavna dejavnost Glavna dejavnost Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec

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  • IRSA Holzsiegel (Wood Sealer) 2010 VOC High Solid, silky-mat
  • IRSA Aqua Star
  • IRSA Platinum Aqua Kitt

Ključne besede, povezane s tem podjetjem

  • Barve in laki
  • Parquet varnish
  • Floor varnish
  • Cork varnish
  • Parquet oil
  • Parquet care
  • wood finishes
  • Wood oil
  • Furniture oil
  • Water-based varnishes
  • Sealing
  • Parquet sealing
  • Parquet repair
  • Purifier
  • Parquet cleaner
  • floor cleaner
  • Laminate cleaner
  • Vinyl floor cleaner
  • Design floor cleaner
  • Aircraft varnish
  • Stage varnish
  • Stage water varnish
  • Stable and silo varnish
  • Wood stain
  • Terrace and patio oil
  • Stair varnish
  • Varnish factory
  • Varnish manufacturer, varnish production
  • Oil, varnish, wax, cleaner manufacturer
  • Care product manufacturer
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