IŞIL GRANİT MERMER is a Turkish company founded in 2002, specialized in manufacturing, granite, marble and natural stone products, and projects.

Our factory is based in Antalya. It covers a closed area of 1000 m² and a 3000 m² open area with state-of-the-art machinery and professional technical staff. Our factory has an annual production capacity of 100.000 m².
We produce a wide variety of marble-travertine-basalt-granite slabs, tiles, cut-to-size products and natural stones at international standards. We also produce decorative and artistic products from natural stones, many of which are our own designs. We offer our decorative natural stone products we designed and produced under the name of our patented brand, 3Wdesign, to the market.
In addition to the production, our company also performs the on-site application of the natural stones it produces. After the dimensions and details of the architectural and interior design projects are sized and processed with special machines in our factory, we also assemble on-site with our professional staff.
We give a high importance to customers by providing great quality and perfection in our products, as this sector of services demands. Our more important reference is the confidence we give to our customers.
We have a great number of successful projects made for hotels and beach resorts. These are great examples of our quality and perfection we desire to attaint in all our projects.

Please visit our website for any inquiry.

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