The Kloepfel Group consists of highly specialized service providers for sourcing and procurement.
The group is represented by over 250 employees worldwide at 17 locations and in all relevant procurement markets! Kloepfel Services and Procare are the trade organization of the Kloepfel Group, which takes over the delivery of goods for customers at its own risk.
Its customers include over 700 well-known companies from Germany and neighbouring countries.
For the procurement task force Covid-19, 25 sourcing specialists are employed at the locations China, South East Asia, Turkey and Germany.
We have our own laboratory in Germany for quality inspections. Every material is regularly tested and all factories are constantly inspected. Our quality inspectors are operating all over the word.
Don’t worry about any sourcing headaches during the production of your respirators. We will take care of this and you can concentrate on the rest!
Kloepfel global sales has created the ProCare brand as part of its activities. It was created to meet the current customer needs. It sells personal protection products such as various types of masks, gloves, aprons, coveralls. We also offer tests for COVID-19 and virus antibodies. You will also find disinfectants such as gels and sprays. Our air purifiers are also very popular on the European market.
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  • COVID-19 TESTS (Rapid Antigen-Test-Kit)
  • Disinfectant spray

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  • Spunbond nonwoven fabric
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