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1981 is the year of the beginning of our family business, where we have been dealing with toolmaking and metalworking since day one. In all these years, we became experts in the field of development, design and manufacture of all types of tools for punching and transformation of metal products and semi-finished products, production of preparation and control devices and their maintenance. With tools which are products of our own development, we manufacture metal products in small and large series production for the electrical and automotive industry and the power electronics industry. We are constantly follow new technologies that are an indispensable support to our experiential knowledge. A team of 28 qualified professionals with many years of experience provide every costumer with the highest quality products and offers reliable professional support in the entire process of developing and manufacturing a tool or product.

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This is our primary area of expertise. We manufacture custom-made tools as well as tools which we use in our own manufacturing process. We do everything from initial design and development of necessary equipment to the construction of tools and complementary components. We also test our products and make necessary adjustments. We manufacture a broad array of tools such as simple blades, advanced blades with bending capabilities, advanced progressive tools, threading tools and drawing tools. These tools are then utilised to manufacture components, used in a wide range of industries.


Those are clamping tools that, under certain conditions, hold the elements together in specific positions, where they are then welded together by a welding robot. The clamping tool can be either pneumatic, electric or hydraulic. For the purpose of quality assurance, the tool is equipped with positioning sensors which send data to the welding robot to inform it about the appropriateness of wielding elements’ position. Welding tools are mainly used in the automotive industry for welding sheet metal, using the MIG/MAG method.


It is a tool that dissipates excess heat to electric mediums, which become overheated due to their operations. To ensure a longer life-span of the electric mediums, a cooling element is attached to the area, prone to overheating, which then discharges the excess temperature with the help of various substances such as air and water. The cooling element must be properly designed and constructed to ensure effective discharging of excess temperature. Cooling elements are mainly used for cooling of power electronics.


The products are intended for small or large series production. The elements are manufactured by means of a pre-made punching tool. In punching, we use all types of materials from steel and stainless steel to copper and aluminium and from bronze and brass to plastic. In our manufacturing process we utilise machines with up to 160 tons of compression force. Production of punching elements can be done either on our own tools or on our clients’ tools.


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