Our actions are guided by a clear mission: The production and worldwide distribution of multifunctional system vehicles for the most demanding tasks. To this end, we are consistently reflecting on what has made the company great: High quality, diligence and technical excellence with a noticeable innovative edge in processes, products and services. To secure this lead, we continuously invest in research and development as well as in our employees' expertise. Holder has been firmly in German hands again since 2008. Three successful entrepreneurs from Baden-Württemberg have led the brand back to its former strength. Max Holder GmbH has returned to what has made the company great: High quality, Swabian diligence and innovative ideas. The vehicles are still manufactured in the Swabian city of Metzingen. Our commitment to Germany as a production location is part of our corporate philosophy and a promise to our customers.

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  • 201 - 500
    Številu zaposlenih
  • Leto ustanovitve 1888
  • Vrsta podjetja Vrsta podjetja Sedež podjetja, Matično podjetje
  • Glavna dejavnost Glavna dejavnost Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec
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  • Poljedelstvo in gozdarstvo - stroji in oprema
  • Traktorji in prikolice, poljedelski
  • Vrtičkanje in vrtnarjenje - stroji in oprema
  • Tovornjaki, dostavna vozila in gospodarska vozila
  • Snežni plugi
  • Vozila, komunalna
  • Large-area mowers
  • System vehicles
  • Attachment parts
  • Rental vehicles
  • Drive concepts
  • Municipal tractors
  • commercial vehicles
  • special constructions
  • High-pressure water cleaning system
  • Delineator and edge mowers
  • Instrument rack with radio remote control
  • Service, maintenance, customer service
  • Original spare parts from Holder
  • brushers
  • Used vehicles
  • small tractors
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