metal sandwich technology

You can find our pure-metal aluminium sandwich in numerous applications in the field of railway vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, the automotive industry, interior design and mechanical engineering. In addition to this, the products are used as climate control ceilings and suspended, rear-ventilated façades. Metawell GmbH offers pure metal sandwich elements made of aluminium as semi-finished panels and semi-processed elements in various processing stages. The type and depth of the prefabrication step is generally dependent on the project and is determined together with our customers. Metawell® aluminium sandwich panels combine design, quality and functionality with cost-effectiveness and make an important contribution to sustainability and energy efficiency thanks to the materials used and the way they are processed.

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  • Metawell® und Metawell® Aluflex

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  • Konstrukcije, aluminijaste
  • Ladjedelništvo
  • Lightweight construction elements
  • Ceiling panels
  • Sandwich panels
  • Aluminium honeycomb panels
  • Radiant ceiling panels
  • Lightweight aluminium board
  • Aluminium radiant suspended ceilings
  • ceiling heating
  • façade coverings
  • machine housing
  • Rail vehicles - materials and equipment

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  • Metawell®

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