Repharm presents the recent trend of the medical cosmetics based on natural
pyrophosphates and their countertypes, which have their own specific biological features. These chemicals can regulate the intracellular mineral homeostasis and prevent the joint and soft tissue calcification, which may occur skin fading and motor system disorders via the calcium deposits developing. The main objective of this cosmetics’ application is healthy appearance and pain-free movement.

The Pharmaceutical Reagents Institute Repharm has been working for our customers for more than 25 years. We achieved the following stage of our performance:
Broad pharmaceutical and cosmetic product dissemination by national distributors in the Russian Federation and the FSU;
Highly qualified M.D. and PhD in medicine in our stuff;
Modern equipment from the EU;
International Standard System ISO 9001;
The Gold and silver medals of the National contest for the best cosmetic products, the Honorary diploma of “The Moscow Quality”, the winner of the all-Russian contests “100 Russian best products” and “All the best for children”.

The biomedical analysis of cosmetical production practical use in cooperation with the leading Russian medical centers like Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center, Semashko Moscow Medical Stomatology Institute and The Research and Clinical Institute for Pediatrics of the Russian Health Ministry.

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