SAS VENTOUX EPEAUTRE is a grower of 100%-French einkorn wheat in the traditional manner. The company grows and collects einkorn wheat from the region where this cereal originates, around Mount Ventoux and in Alpes de Haute Provence, Drôme and Vaucluse. Einkorn wheat is grown in rotation with scented and aromatic plants and fodder, and it requires no additional inputs. This means that our production is totally natural. After each harvest, seeds are stored in silos with no additives. Next comes husking, which simply involves removing the skin around the seed. To ensure a clean product, a suction system then removes chaff and all other matter lighter than the seed. A set of grilles then remove everything longer or shorter than the seed. Then, an optical scanner is used to remove any remaining unsuitable seeds. The final stage is quality control!

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