Custom cooler production and special parts for extreme demands. Motor sports, tuning and industrial applications demand maximum performance in the narrowest of spaces. For greater performance, you need components that fulfil high requirements and can nevertheless be installed and removed without problems. Schweizer GmbH & Co. KG is your expert for special production of custom coolers in the fields of motor sports and industry. Furthermore, we offer you turned and milled parts that are manufactured with the latest CNC machinery. Discover a multitude of attractive tuning components in our online range! Do you have thermal problems? Perhaps your heat protection is insufficient? Are the appropriate screw connections missing? Or do you need components that don't exist ready-made? Here at, you can find a great selection of accessory parts of top quality. As great stress is often placed on these and custom solutions required, we rely on brand quality in several sizes

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  • Motorizirani športi - dodatki
  • CNC turned and milled parts
  • CNC milled parts
  • Water coolers, special production
  • Charge-air coolers, special production
  • Oil coolers, special production
  • Setrab oil coolers, Germany
  • Special heat exchangers
  • Tube and fin nets
  • Bar and plate nets
  • Cooling packs
  • Heat protection
  • Aluminium adapters
  • Aluminium fittings
  • Motor sport components
  • Precision parts for running and motor sports
  • Precision parts for industrial facilities
  • Aluminium turned parts
  • Aluminium milled parts
  • Stainless steel turned parts
  • Stainless steel milled parts
  • Milled parts for mechanical engineering
  • Aluminium welding shop
  • plate-type heat exchangers
  • manifold heat exchangers
  • water pumps
  • oil pump
  • silicone pipes
  • pipe couplings
  • aluminium radiators
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