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Since 1996, Seibel Kunststofftechnik GmbH has been fulfilling the individual requirements of renowned companies within Germany and abroad. Our customers are from the automotive, electrical, conveyor and footwear industries. Our particular strength here is in multi-component injection moulding. Machines with a clamping force of up to 400 t and an injection weight of up to 720 g are available to us for this purpose. Our aim is not only to meet high quality standards but to exceed them. With our sound knowledge and our many years of experience, we are your reliable partner throughout the entire implementation process; from the design and mould construction through to series production. We don't forget about the topic of sustainability as part of these aspects either, as for us sustainability means combining all three factors: Greatest possible customer benefits, highest safety standards for our employees and minimal impact on the environment and climate.


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  • Umetne mase - industrijski izdelki
  • Fibre-reinforced plastic products
  • Glass-fibre-reinforced plastics (GFRP)
  • Plastic moulded parts
  • Plastic moulded parts, glass-fibre-reinforced
  • Plastic moulded parts, customer-specific
  • Plastic injection-moulded parts
  • Plastic injection-moulded parts for the furniture industry
  • Plastic injection-moulded parts, technical, for vehicle construction
  • Plastic parts for electronic equipment