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Security Installations - Security for banks, embassies, judiciary & authorities

SITEC Sicherheitstechnik. Since it was founded in 1975, SITEC has been developing and producing innovative security technology to protect people's lives and material assets. From traditional pass-throughs for banks, bullet-resistant and fire-resistant doors and partition wall systems, right up to complete entry systems and locking systems with maximum security requirements – SITEC supplies everything from a single source. SITEC product range: Glazed counters, material locks and personnel locks, door and partition wall systems, pass-through systems for cash, cases and materials, turnstiles, intercom systems and door controls. Our products are used everywhere there are security requirements, such as in banks, offices, courts, public authorities, embassies and industry. As a medium-sized family company with many years of experience, we are flexible and can also satisfy your special requirements. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority – alongside security!

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  • Interfonske govorilne naprave - sistemi
  • Safety technology
  • Security equipment
  • Building security
  • Glazed counters
  • Material locks
  • Anti-tailgating personnel systems
  • Personnel locks
  • Case locks
  • Door systems
  • Cubicle Systems
  • Pass-through systems
  • Secure cash transfer
  • Secure material transfer
  • Intercom systems for glazed counters
  • Door controls
  • Building break-in resistance
  • Bullet-resistant entrance
  • SITEC GmbH
  • LockTec GmbH
  • Steel lockers
  • Suitcase lockers
  • Security technology for embassies
  • Security technology for banks
  • SITEC metalworking
  • Judicial security technology
  • Secure entrance areas
  • Security technology for authorities
  • turnstile
  • turnstiles

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