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High luster nickel and chrome plating on the automatic route by hanging. Double nickel plating process is used to provide excellent corrosion protection and high gloss.Treatment option for steel, copper and brass items. Useful bed dimensions: 2850 x 550 x 1050 mm High lustre drum nickel plating. High lustre drum nickel plating line with automatic control. Services available include direct nickel plating as well as process involving preliminary copper plating. High lustre acid zinc plating. Parts. On an automated line with hangers
Zinc plated parts are passivated in blue or yellow.
On an automated line with hangers, involving additional anticorrosion protection. The anti-corrosion resistance is thereby increased by four times. Useful bed dimensions: 2850 x 550 x 1050 mm

 Tiny parts.In drums on an automated line.
Zinc plated parts are pass.