Surface treatment - Excellent surface protection and premium appearance of your products



• Anodising is a surface treatment process used to transform the upper aluminium layer into oxide coating which is compact, firm and matches very well with the basic material. Oxide coating serves as excellent protection against corrosion, tear and wear and acts as an electrical insulator. By selecting different electrolytes, current types and bath parameters we can achieve oxide coating with various characteristics, which can adapt to different demands. • Hard anodising The Gabrijel Aluminium Company also offers their customers hard or hard coat anodising, which protects the aluminium from wear and tear and corrosion by forming a ceramic-like layer. This type of treatment is predominantly requested in the field of automotive, nautical and air transport industry, where exceptional resistance against corrosion and wear and tear is demanded. Our standard offer includes the coating of 15–35 µm. If requested, we can arrange for a thicker coating.