Our company's profile is the production of machinery for agriculture and transport industry, mostly agricultural, industrial and utility trailers. We also manufacture steel structures and offer metalworking. Our range also includes the repair services for trailers and truck trailers, cargo crates and their modifications. We also perform individual orders.
In addition to the said production and services, we sell products such as: driving axles, hydraulic and telescopic cylinders, rims and tires, side locks, box fasteners, etc.
Thanks to many years of experience in the industry and the group of qualified people, our company's motto is reliability, professionalism and reliability.
The result are satisfied customers in Poland and abroad, with products that stand out with their durability.
We manufacture single-axis agricultural trailers with a capacity of 3.5T (T-151/1) and 5T (T-151/2). Trailers have relevant approvals and are compliant with EU directives so that they are CE certified. We also make PTTCW tandem trailers with a capacity of 8.10 and 12T and two-axis 6T, 8T, 10T and 12T PTD trailers using modern technologies, commonly used in our industry. Our company also offers platforms for harvesting vegetables.

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  • Poljedelski stroji
  • production of agricultural machines
  • trailers
  • industrial trailers
  • utility trailers
  • steel structures
  • metalworking
  • driving axles
  • rims
  • tires
  • hydraulic cylinders
  • telescopic cylinders
  • box fasteners
  • side locks
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