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TORREGGIANI S.R.L. is a company that was founded in Redondesco in the province of Mantua in 1974. The idea was of the two Torreggiani brothers, Livio and Carlo who put themselves to the test in an area the at the time was quite experimental; Livio took care of the sales and Carlo, the youngest, looked after production. They built a handicraft machine that produced the first METAL staples to be offered to a limited number of customers in the furnishing sector in the Veneto and Lombardy areas. In this sector, TORREGGIANI Srl is now a leading company in Italy that focuses on quality and environment. Its highly performing equipment meets the most recent technological standards. The integrated production process starts from processing the raw material (wire rod) up to the finished product. This allows us to keep a strict control over quality. Not only the company operates in the Italian market but most of its production is exported to Europe and other Countries.

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