Providing you with the most powerful and long-last dust collectors
At Ülka we want to solve one biggest problem of nail masters (technicians): inhalation of dust and skin contact with it.

The 24 months warranty period! Using only high-quality components in production, we are confident in our products. Any dust collector will serve out much longer than reported. It is the must-have basis of comfortable work.

Every dust collector in the manufacturing process goes through multiple strict testing and inspection stages manually by our technologists. We are responsible up for our reputation.

Each Ülka’s dust collector is set to span 50 000 hours. It’s more than 6 years of continuous operation. Ülka is a highly worthwhile investment.

Our mission is to protect the health of our clients and provide them with comfort and quality at work.

The main focus concentrates on nail masters who are tired to remove dust from their clients, themselves, and equipment.

Nail masters of any level and any budget can easily choose equipment for their needs, requirements, price, and design.

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