We supply all kinds of lightweight power wheelchairs to global market.

YATTLL INUDSTRY is company based in Shenzhen, China specialized since 2003 in medical equipment, personal electric vehicles such as power wheelchair, manual wheelchair, and automatic folding scooter.
Thanks to our own R&D department, we are dedicated to innovation. Indeed we focus on developing quality products at competitive prices, delivering them in the best deadlines. We offer a huge variety of products for various applications and sectors. Our customers also appreciate the quality of our after-sales service. In addition, we export our products all around the world, to more than 30 countries.
Our products are subject to strict quality controls and we follow all production and testing standards. If our customer's wish, we can also develop custom solutions according to your specifications. This earned YATTLL to be credited according to ISO 9001 and CE standards. Over the years we became a leading supplier in the rehabilitation industry. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, you will benefit from our experience and our talented team's skills. We are always looking for new distributors and look forward to working with you!

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YATTLL-YE200: Travel Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

Ultra-Long life battery, double batteries attached the frame of the chair. YE200 has a unique design quick-release battery, it is removable and much convenient to charge.

YATTLL YE100 Reinforce Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

YE100 is with an upgraded frame base on the original models. The maximum loading capacity increase to 150kg. The newly designed seat cushion is more fashionable and comfortable.

Updated Version of Camel Hope YE246 - YATTLL

YATTLL Camel Hope YE246: Updated Version of Camel Hope YE246

YATTLL Annual Exhibition Review 2019

YATTLL Camel Lite YE246

Features of Camel Lite YE246

Camel Lite YE246 folding operation overview

Easy operation of the Camel lite YE246 Power wheelchair, awesome lightweight convenient for transport. One second folding and unfolding. Fashionable for young guys.

Brushless lightweight power wheelchair overview - YATTLL wheelchair

The brushless YE245C folding electric wheelchair is lightweight and portable. Perfect driving experience with suspension system on rear frame. Detachable lithium ion battery can support up to 18km.

YATTLL electric folding wheelchair test - Power wheelchair manufacturer

In order to ensure better service to customers, we will carry out strict tests on samples before mass production.


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  • Reinforced Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair- YATTLL YE100

  • Travel Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

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  • Golf cart
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