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    NEMČIJA- Möglingen
    MARIO SCHAAF GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    ...customers' specific requirements. Hand samples or prototypes, large, medium or small batch sizes, complicated custom-made products or complex assemblies, we can do it all, in steel, spring steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal.

    Dobavitelj za: Spring steel strips | steel springs | spring steel | spring sheet steel | flat springs [+] bent wire parts | stansade detaljer | sheet metal punching | cnc bending parts | springs for technical purposes | form springs | technical springs | spring technology | fastening technology | spring products

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    NEMČIJA- Sindelfingen
    SCHNORR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture disc springs, safety washers and load washers, wave springs and stamped parts made of spring steel. SCHNORR® products are the top choice for any application whereby metal – thanks to its strength and shape – can fulfil...

    Dobavitelj za: Leaf springs | Springs | Helical springs | spring steel | stainless steel disc springs [+] special springs | die springs | belleville spring washers | butterfly nuts | springs for technical purposes | circlips | deep-drawn metal parts | stansade detaljer | springs to design | screw-locking devices

    Znamke : SCHNORR

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    NIZOZEMSKA- Eindhoven

    Dobavitelj za: spring steel | Jeklo in kovine

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  • Dobavitelj za: spring steel | Žice in kabli, aluminijasti | zinc | stainless steel wires | steel wires

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  • small quantities of hardened and non-hardened spring steel and in micro-alloyed steel strips. With our large warehouse capacity and short delivery times, Flender-Stahl is a reliable partner for a large number of regular customers in Germany and Europe. One...

    Dobavitelj za: Spring steel strips | stainless spring steel strips | Pločevina in obroči - jekleni | Hladno valjani jekleni obroči | Jeklo, ogljikovo [+] Jeklo, konstrukcijsko | case-hardened steels | slit coils | scratch-resistant steel | steel strips | micro-alloyed steels | quenched and tempered steels | stainless-steel strip | hot rolled hoop iron | engineering steel

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  • Dobavitelj za: Springs | steel springs

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    NIZOZEMSKA- St. Nicolaasga

    Dobavitelj za: Springs | steel springs | compression springs | extension springs | torsion springs

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  • Dobavitelj za: Springs | steel springs | iron rivets | agricultural machinery and equipment

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  • Dobavitelj za: Helical springs | steel springs | compression springs

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  • Dobavitelj za: steel springs | Izdelava strojev - po naročilu | sleeves

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    NEMČIJA- Lauterstein
    MONNINGER FEDERN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...for stainless steel and steel springs for more than 75 years. Experience, customer relations and quality awareness have always formed the basis for our success. We were certified in accordance with...

    Dobavitelj za: Springs | spring steel wire, stainless steel | compression springs | springs for technical purposes | cnc bent parts [+] coiled torsion springs | bent wire parts | wire springs | coil springs | spiral springs | coil springs | tension springs | coil springs | flat springs | inconel® springs

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    NEMČIJA- Hillesheim
    DFG DRAHTWARENFABRIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...wire, including small batches of steel, spring steel and stainless steel. Since 1830, wire goods have been demonstrably produced in the Volcanic Eifel region of Germany. In this almost 200-year-old...

    Dobavitelj za: Žice in kabli - železne kovine | Žice in kabli iz neželeznih kovin | Kovinska platna in mreže | Rešetke, kovinske | wire items [+] bent wire parts | protection grilles | tråddelar för tekniskt bruk | cnc bending parts | cnc bending | bending machine | wire welding | wire caps | protective grilles for fans | cleaning baskets for industry

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  • ...(FG diamond instruments, HP laboratory instruments, diamond discs, etc.) and sapphire nail files. Our sapphire nail files are made of spring steel and coated with sapphires of different grain sizes.

    Dobavitelj za: Brušenje - orodni stroji | Zobozdravstvo - izdelki | Zobozdravstvo - artikli in potrebščine | Zobozdravstvo - potrebščine | Brusne plošče [+] nail files | metal diamond finishing | diamond set drills | dental grinding materials and instruments | dental laboratories | manicure and pedicure items | dental products | elektroplätering | cbn electrolytics | drill bits

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    NEMČIJA- Bad Salzungen
    HFP BANDSTAHL GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    ...steel, heat-treated steel and spring steel in accordance with EN 10132 T1-4/10140 in market standard grades, strength classes G or G + K, with thicknesses between 0.20 and 1.80 mm and widths between 10 and...

    Dobavitelj za: Jeklo in kovine - oblikovanje in rezanje | Pločevina in obroči - jekleni | Hladno valjani jekleni obroči | Jeklo in kovine - strojna obdelava | Konstrukcije, težko-kovinske [+] steel strips | stainless steel strip | surface treatment | metal - forming and cutting | steel processing | steel structural work | structural metalwork | case-hardened steels | stansade detaljer | cold rolled hoop iron

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    NEMČIJA- Lüdenscheid
    WILH. KÄMPER GMBH U. CO KG - Verified by Europages

    ...Upsetting We process all formable materials, including steel wire, spring wire, stainless steel wire, non-ferrous metal wire, in diameters from 1.5 mm to 10 mm, and can produce any surface to order

    Dobavitelj za: Jeklo in kovine - oblikovanje in rezanje | Upogibanje jekla in kovin | Vijaki | bent wire parts | tightening clamps [+] laser welding | pins | welded parts | connecting/fastening elements | bent parts | connecting elements | clamping rings | back up rings | crimp ring | clamping ring

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  • ...springs and sprung parts in steel and special alloys for uses across all industries. We work particularly closely with the electro-mechanical, automobile, aeronautic and marine industries. Our...

    Dobavitelj za: Springs | spring manufacturer | formed springs | compression springs | extension springs [+] torsion springs | springs | enamelled copper windings | custom-made wires | automotive | oil wiper springs | band springs | shaped rings | piston ring springs

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  • Specialists in springs and bent wire components ever since 1935. Wilhelm Löbke Federn GmbH has continued to evolve since it was founded back in 1935. We are an ultra-efficient and future-focused...

    Dobavitelj za: Leaf springs | Precision springs | spring steel sheets | stainless steel springs (v2a, v4a), bronze (cusn6) | compression springs [+] leg springs, bending springs, torsion springs | standardized springs/gutekunst springs | compression springs, die springs | spiral springs, helical springs | flat springs, flat formed springs | koniska tryckfjädrar | tension springs | bent wire components, bent components | split washers, circlips | spring cotter pins/fokker pins

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    NEMČIJA- Volkmarsen
    RITE-HITE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Rite-Hite GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturers of loading systems and the European headquarters of the Rite-Hite corporation, the American market leader in the field of gate systems and...

    Dobavitelj za: spring steel dock bumpers | Vhodna vrata (avtomatska) in nadzor dostopa | fast-closing doors | industrial fans | articulated lift tables [+] sectional doors | fall-protection system for lifting equipment | loading systems | collision protection, hydraulic, for loading ramps | industrial gates | loading bridge ramps | safety systems for loading stations | safety technology | thermal locks for loading bays | doors for deep-freezers

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    NEMČIJA- Ittlingen
    HASPA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    haspa GmbH is one of the few manufacturers which provides a complete product range for flexible shafts which is compatible with all currently existing systems. Special custom solutions and individual...

    Dobavitelj za: spring band steel coils | Mehanski transportni sistemi in deli | spirals | flexible rubber tubes | spiral-wound pipes [+] metal hoses | flexible shafts | collets | tool drives | flat coils | round wire coils | special coils | carrier tubes | pneumatic drives | pressurised coils

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    ITALIJA- Castelfidardo
    ADRIATICA MOLLE SRL - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1977 as a family-run business, in little over a decade the expansion of Adriatica Molle brought it to a significant position in the Italian spring manufacturing and metal wire machining...

    Dobavitelj za: Spiral springs | Springs | s/steel springs | micro-springs | springs [+] plate springs | wire springs | torsion springs | compression springs | precision springs | industrial springs | spring manufacturer | belleville spring washers | computer cables

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    ITALIJA- Milano
    TEMPRACCIAIO S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Tempracciaio is a company that processes hardened and hardenable steel. It produces low and high carbon steel strips that can be: cold or hot rolled, annealed, raw, half hard, grey, blue, yellow and...

    Dobavitelj za: hardened steel for springs and rolling shutters | Jeklo, ogljikovo | Trakovi - železni in jekleni | carbon steel strips | hardened steel strips [+] hardenable steel strips | steel strip on rolls | crude stainless steel strips | annealed stainless steel strips | cold-rolled steel strips | iron and steel strips | strips cut in bands to measure | hardenable raw steel strips

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    FRANCIJA- Annecy

    Dobavitelj za: steel wires for springs | Nerjaveče jeklo | stainless steel wires | stainless steel wire

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  • Dobavitelj za: Springs | s/steel springs | carriage springs | springs | belleville spring washers

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  • Dobavitelj za: Spring steel strips | spring clamps | spatulas and trowels | klämmor för att fästa elektronikkomponenter | clutches for industrial vehicles

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  • Dobavitelj za: steel wires for springs | Žice in kabli - jekleni | steel wires | solid wires for welding carbon steel | low-carbon galvanized steel wire

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    SLOVENIJA- Gorisnica

    Dobavitelj za: springs made of spring steel wirw 0,3-32,0 mm | springs and spring elements for railway wagons | Vzmeti posebne izdelave | manufacture of compression, tension and torsion springs | manufacture of bending parts-wire

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    ŠPANIJA- Barcelona

    Dobavitelj za: steel wires for springs | Žice in kabli - jekleni

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    TURČIJA- Izmir

    Dobavitelj za: hardened steel for springs and rolling shutters | Naoknice

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  • Dobavitelj za: Spring steel strips

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    ITALIJA- Lainate

    Dobavitelj za: Spring steel strips | Trakovi - železni in jekleni | Hladno valjani jekleni obroči

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