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  • KRELUS is an honest and reliable partner. We are committed to cultivating creativity and innovative spirit. We seek out innovative, customer-focused, premium-quality solutions for our customers – at... Dobavitelj za: konstruerar maskiner för torkning | Ogrevanje, industrijsko - instalacije in oprema | energieffektivitet | heating systems, electric, for industrial purposes | thermoformed [+] dryers | equipment for drying car paints | ir lamps for drying | electric heating elements | electric radiant heaters | environmentally friendly heating systems | industrial heaters | ir lamps | infrared heaters | infrared radiating elements
    ŠVICA - Oberentfelden
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  • We adapt the technology and dimensions of our equipment to meet customer requirements. As a company with just over 25 years' experience in plastic processing technologies, we manufacture all our... Dobavitelj za: konstruerar maskiner för torkning | Sušilne peči, industrijske | Ojačane umetne snovi - izvedba | Plastförädling | industrial use stoves [+] plastics manufacturing | processing of plastics | machines for working plastics | laboratory ovens | machinery and installations for plastic processing | drying systems for plastic processing | sheet driers | heating furnace | drying systems | plastic sheets drying system
    POLJSKA - Nowiny K. Kielc
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  • We manufacture generators and accessories for ultrasonic technology and induction heating and have been known as a reliable partner for industry and trade since 1990. Our products are developed,... Dobavitelj za: konstruerar maskiner för torkning | Industrijski čistilni stroji in oprema | ultrasound washing | ultrasound cleaning equipment | pipes cleared [+] cleaning | industrial detergents | manufacturer of janitorial products for industrial premises | industritvättmaskiner | oscillating elements | induction heating systems | ultrasonic homogenisers | ultrasonic transducers | ultrasonic cleaning systems | ultrasonic module generators
    NEMČIJA - Karlsbad
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  • We develop and create optimised, product-specific drying systems for our clients – incorporating high levels of operational reliability and implemented quality control, using sophisticated measuring... Dobavitelj za: konstruerar maskiner för torkning | Sušilne peči, industrijske | drying chambers | driers for the chemical industry | continuous-flow dryers [+] microwave dryers | drying plant | desiccation | ovens for ink drying | delicatessen meat dryers | drying conveyor | progressive kilns | contact dryers | sludge drying plants | drying systems for wood
    NEMČIJA - Heidelberg
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