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  • J.D. Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG, which employs more than 200 staff across the Group, produces pneumatic and hydraulic hoists and crane systems at its Witten site in Germany. Due to this unique specialism,... Dobavitelj za: radiofjärrstyrningar | Žerjavi z ogredjem | jib cranes | crane construction | operation levers [+] suspension cranes | compressed-air lifting devices | air chain hoists | hoists | chain hoists | small cranes | crane components | crane technology | trolleys | special cranes
    NEMČIJA - Witten
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  • In order to meet the requirements of our customers worldwide at the highest level, HBC continually relies on in-house development, design and production. This results in our trademark: First class... Dobavitelj za: radiofjärrstyrningar | Signalizacija - sistemi in instalacije | EDI (Electronic Data Interchange - elektronska izmenjava podatkov) | Ogredje | Radijski kontrolni sistemi in instalacije [+] Priprave in pribor za dviganje | remote control systems, electronic | crane accessories | lifters | lifting gear | wire ropes | radio control units for construction site cranes | crane construction | radiocontrol | industrial plant management
    NEMČIJA - Crailsheim
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