Buy, sell, exchange and trade containers and other load carriers simply and cheaply. And all this without any problems, reliably, economically and with professional advice. Welcome to the world of Behälterbörse. We not only offer you the opportunity to buy and sell containers at favourable prices, but also provide you with comprehensive container management services. You have tasks in the following areas: - Strategic purchasing of containers? - Exchange of containers that are no longer required and need containers? - Tips for pooling and optimising the operation of container pools? - Partner search for cleaning, inspection and repair of load carriers? No problem. One call/e-mail/point of contact and we will be happy to help you. https: //

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  • Drehstapelbehälter
  • Regalkasten

Ključne besede, povezane s tem podjetjem

  • Izolirna embalaža, termična
  • Stack/nest containers
  • Folding containers
  • Mesh box
  • Folding mesh boxes
  • Small load carriers (KLT)
  • Plastic storage containers
  • Storage containers, folding
  • Storage boxes
  • Stacking boxes
  • Light metal transport containers
  • Large plastic containers for transport
  • Wire mesh baskets
  • Storage containers for small parts
  • Pallets made from recycled plastics
  • Perennial box
  • Industrial mesh box
  • Euronorm containers
  • Galia Odette boxes
  • Conductive ESD containers
  • Rent a container
  • Paloxe pallets
  • Big box
  • Container pooling
  • Universal charge carrier
  • Transport containers, used
  • plastic pallets
  • Bins with pick opening
  • plastic carrying containers
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  • 1 – 10
  • 2.500 K€ - 4.999 K€


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  • DAP Delivery At Place
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