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With 10 years of successful company history and extensive know-how is Damatech Company dynamic Steel Service Center focused on products and solutions based on pre-hardened steel grades: Toolox, Hardox, Strenx, 42CrMo4QT and 1.1730. Key success factors for us and our customers are based on three components: premium pre-hardened steel grades, value added processing and excellent service. From the very beginning we work close together with our strategical steel supplier SSAB, market leader in the field of high strength and wear resistance steel grades. Together with customers we develop innovative solutions and technologies with the goal to optimize product’s lifetime and reduce production costs. As a specialist in the distribution, storage and processing of pre-hardened steel for a wide range of applications, we always want to convince with performance, which is why we never focus on the individual order, but rather on customer satisfaction. Our customers value us as a reliable and competent partner for innovative products made of pre-hardened steel with perfect properties. Our goal is always long-term partnership based on trust. As a future oriented company, we always work hard on the continuous improvement and expansion of our offer.

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As a certified Hardox Wearparts, we produce all kinds of HARDOX wear parts. HARDOX steel comes in an impressive range of hardness levels and thicknesses., therefore is always possible to choose the right wear plate for your applications. We specialize in the production of hard-to-stretch wear parts with hardness 450 to 650 Brinell. We always have HARDOX plates in our stock, which we quickly process into wear-resistant products. We manufacture customer-specific wear parts such as rackets, funnels, slides, hammers, knives, screens or linings made of highly wear-resistant Hardox sheets. We also process Hardox rods and manufacture bolts, shafts and bearing bushings.


Our core competence is in the processing of hard-to-machine steels such as prehardened Toolox and Hardox steel, which are increasingly used in the tool and engineering industry.


Innovation, dynamic and experience with wear-resistant steel enable iKnives® to guarantee significantly higher hardness and toughness. By using industrial knives iKnives, manufactured from innovative prehardened steel grades with high hardness and excellent toughness, the lifetime can be increased by up to 40% compared to tool steel knives.


Excellent features of Toolox make it applicable in endless applications in variety of industries. Toolox is exceptionally machinable, dimensionally stable, resistant to fatigue and has high cleanliness. On top of all these guaranteed properties, Toolox also has excellent polishing qualities. Toolox is prehardened so additional heat treatment Is not necessary which results in significant time savings.


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