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DONY GARMENT COMPANY is a company based in Vietnam specialized in the manufacturing of clothes. Our product range includes fashion, uniforms and workwear as well as cloth face masks and disposable protective clothing such as isolation gowns and protective coveralls. Our mission is to provide high-quality garments at competitive prices, thus ensuring our customer's satisfaction which is our priority. This enabled us to grow and become a leading garment manufacturer in Vietnam. We put our expertise to our customer's service. Our wish is to build lasting business relationships with them based on trust and transparency. These values are at the core of our company's philosophy. Moreover, we work every day to offer the best customer sevice. We strive to contribute to our customer's success as they contribute to ours. We expanded our production capacity over the years and today we are able to produce more than 50.000 clothing articles per month and hundreds of thousands of antibacterial cloth masks per day. Our masks are reusable, washable and still maintain a very high filtration capacity even after more than 60 washes. They also have the advantage to be eco-friendly on the contrary to disposable masks. They are produced according to strict quality standards. We are proud to have been rewarded with ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system. Our products are provided to both local and global markets. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

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DONY produce COVID face mask for American & Europe - Top B2B

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Dony is supplying COVID Face Masks / Cloth Face Coverings, Disposable Medical Coverall, and SMS Surgical Isolation Gown to the USA & Europe. Being one of the largest manufacturers, exporters, and garments suppliers of Vietnam, Dony is reaching the new horizons of sales in the U.S and Europe - which were unprecedented in the past. Having passed the stringent standards of the world such as ISO, CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA other certification to export to difficult markets like the USA, Dony Garment Factory is leading the Vietnamese Clothing Factories with its aggressive and revolutionary sales policies to capture those tough markets which were earlier dominated by China. The Company has reached the capacity of producing up to “a Quarter-Million’ high-quality reusable cloth face mask in a single day. Video about Dony Mask - The company has already created a buzz in the U.S.A market with its one of the Safest COVID Face Masks and now...

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