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In agreement with customers, we find the most appropriate solution for the manufacture of their products. For customer problems, we are always looking for new solutions and new technologies that lower costs and improve the final product. That is why we are known in the market as an innovation leader in aluminum processing and a development supplier for many of our customers. (moved from engineering)

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Each product presents a big challenge. While planning the production process and selecting the production procedures with innovative approaches we aim to ensure the lowest amount of input energy, time and material, and guarantee quality repeatability and minimum material discharge. We are aware of the need for constant learning, therefore we organise various forms of employee trainings and education events in the company. Teamwork and internal trainings are the means of transferring knowledge among ourselves. We also collaborate with external partners, companies and universities.

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We provide: • Aluminium Profile Cutting up to 6000 mm in Length (margin of error +/-0.1 mm) • Milling and Turning of Workpieces on State of the Art and Multi-Axis Treatment Devices (max. 1500x700x300mm) • Fine-Blanking up to 200 Tons of Nominal Force • Grinding: For a Finely Treated and Smooth Surface • Workpiece Brushing up to 2500 x 600 mm Gabarits • Sandblasting with Various Sandblasting Media • Spot Welding on Aluminium Products (accuracy of +/-0.2 mm.) • We provide various types of labelling: mechanical engraving, laser engraving, tampo printing

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• Anodising is a surface treatment process used to transform the upper aluminium layer into oxide coating which is compact, firm and matches very well with the basic material. Oxide coating serves as excellent protection against corrosion, tear and wear and acts as an electrical insulator. By selecting different electrolytes, current types and bath parameters we can achieve oxide coating with various characteristics, which can adapt to different demands. • Hard anodising The Gabrijel Aluminium Company also offers their customers hard or hard coat anodising, which protects the aluminium from wear and tear and corrosion by forming a ceramic-like layer. This type of treatment is predominantly requested in the field of automotive, nautical and air transport industry, where exceptional resistance against corrosion and wear and tear is demanded. Our standard offer includes the coating of 15–35 µm. If requested, we can arrange for a thicker coating.

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50 years of experience + quality without compromise + innovation = Gabrijel Aluminium The Gabrijel Aluminium Company specialises in production and surface treatment of aluminium components. We stand as a reliable partner on the consumer electronics market offering innovative solutions in production of aesthetic and technical aluminium components. As our fundamental principle is clean and healthy environment for everyone, we also aim to pass our endeavours for environmental responsibility onto our business partners. We strongly implement the environmental ISO 14001 standard in all company operations. The quality is incorporated into every phase of the working process: from preparatory actions and actual implementation to project conclusion and commission to our satisfied customer. The quality of our business operation and business model is testified by the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certificates. The Gabrijel Aluminium Company is a global-oriented company with a successful tradition since 1964. We offer a wide range of production of high quality aluminium products. Our selection includes technical and decorative components as specified by our customers. Co-financing Content preparation for online promotion is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (


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