These days, we need environmentally friendly and organic products and foodstuffs like never before. The sad fact is that less and less products are being offered on the market that have actually not been cultivated without chemical contaminants. Yet why would we all not want to rely on having food offered to us that is not hazardous to health? In this regard, IMARTI makes a contribution to balancing out shortfalls of this kind with regard to environmentally friendly products – naturally also in organic quality. Our products are mainly harvested and processed in and supplied from Ukraine, since the soil there stands out on account of its fertility, productivity and ability to support such cultivation operations. Our fundamental principles: Adherence to delivery deadlines, quality control in accordance with EU standards, flexibility towards our customers. By means of strict inspections, we check the functionality and precision of our technology to ensure that we constantly supply the best raw materials we can for your organic products.

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