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Our intention is to offer you the feeling of comfort in our Dolenjska region and the feeling like you never left home.

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Everyone from Dolenjska has their own vineyard cottage. People built them with love and they used to invite only their best friends to visit them there. Step into the shoes of a winegrower and spend unforgettable holidays amid vineyards.

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Relax and listen to the stories and history of Novo mesto explained by the local guide. We fully adapt to your wishes regarding catering, animation, tastings of local products, decoration, set-up…

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We work with love and care to enrich life through travel. For us traveling is not just about destinations, but also about physical and emotional journey we experience, the culture we embrace and the stories we bring home. Dedicated, service oriented and multilingual team is always at your disposal. Creative, passionate and knowledgeable team members will be able to face the most challenging situations. We strive to incorporate elements of sustainable tourism in our business whenever possible. We promote energy efficiency and apply the “reduce, reuse and recycle” principal in managing internal resources. One other initiative toward sustainability is to actively develop products that are smaller in scale, locally and environmentally friendly. Through this engagement, we aim to raise and promote awareness of “sustainability “ to our stakeholders and to encourage them taking part in the sustainable tourism movement. Finally, we encourage our clients to buy, eat and drink local products . We embrace the slogan: Live like a local! We treat our customers like an extension of our families and strive to do all we can to ensure their comfort, safety and happiness. We want them to remember the most unique moments of their travels with us. Along our journey, we have received numerous awards for new and innovative travel products and created many successful stories connected to the Dolenjska region.

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European Union funding

European Union funding

Zadnja realizacija ・ 28. jul. 2021

Project E- poslovanje KOMPAS NOVO MESTO " received European Union funding. Content preparation for online promotion is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund


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