LAE Anlagenbau stands for expertise and decades of experience in developing and producing barn systems for animal husbandry. We are experts when it comes to poultry. Whether chicken fattening, breeding or laying hen husbandry, with LAE Anlagenbau you have a partner with international experience, who can support you from planning through to implementation with good advice and sophisticated barn systems. From customised detailed solutions to complex major projects, we develop cost-effective solutions with the best future prospects for you. Our components are exemplary with their coordinated systems and form an ideal basis for progressive animal husbandry with optimal operational results. Our product range includes: Drinking troughs – feeding – alternative aviary systems – laying hen and broiler cages – laying nests, silos, ventilation, heating, lighting and complete systems for poultry production.

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Področje dejavnosti

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  • Mobilstall
  • Futtertrog Typ 45
  • DOL 53 Ammoniak Sensor (NH3)

Ključne besede, povezane s tem podjetjem

  • Senzorji
  • Oprema za bivanje živine v hlevih
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • CO2 and ammonia sensors
  • Water nipples and circular drinking troughs
  • Sheet metal and glass fibre reinforced plastic silos
  • Spiral feeding systems for broilers and parent animals
  • Chain feeding systems
  • Feed and animal scales
  • Water systems
  • Metering technology
  • Aviary systems for laying hens
  • Laying nests for laying hens and parent animals
  • Humidity and spray cooling
  • Water, oil and gas-powered heating
  • alarm system
  • Drug dispensers, electric and mechanical
  • Washing systems for drinking lines
  • Folding manure removal equipment below layer aviaries
  • Vent stacks and ventilators
  • Spiral flex heating
  • LED strip lighting
  • Barn gates and accessories
  • Spring tables (additional production space for broilers)
  • Perches
  • Equipment for mobile stalls for laying hens and broilers
  • Mobile stalls, complete, for laying hens and broilers
  • Mobile stalls, complete, for laying hens and fattened poultry
  • LED lighting systems
  • Luft/luft -värmeväxlare
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