Skincare on the edge of medicine MBR high-end concept care is different from all current cosmetic products. The first German high-tech premium brand is the result of intensive research carried out by leading dermatologists and medical aestheticians. The objective was to develop anti-ageing preparations with the maximum concentration of active ingredients whilst ensuring that these are as skin-friendly as possible. MBR is not only above the globally marketed luxury in terms of price, but defines a class of its own at the same time – one which goes far beyond the glossy aesthetics and the usual conception of premium quality: High-end dermaceuticals. A high-end dermaceuticum knows no limits and is therefore only designed for people who have always spurred on the global economy due to their desire for perfection and have therefore only now made high-tech accessible for the masses.

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  • Higienski in toaletni izdelki
  • Higienski izdelki in izdelki za nego
  • Parfumi in sredstva za nego
  • Parfumske esence in dišave
  • Development of cosmetics
  • Cosmetic skincare products
  • Cosmetics, cruelty-free
  • Trade brokerage for cosmetic products
  • Fragrances for the wellness sector
  • Perfume creation
  • cosmetics
  • Beauty products
  • perfumes

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