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Plastfit PVC Profil is a fast-growing company producing extruded sealing solutions made of PVC, TPE, and TPV for over 30 years in Turkey. The company designs and manufactures gasket types used in dozens of different areas, primarily interior room doors, exterior doors, fire doors, and windows in its factory in Hadımköy, Istanbul. The company has developed a solution-oriented business model enabling the company to think multi-dimensionally and reach specific results quickly for many sealing solutions. Plastfit’ s priority is to bring in life the most accurate sealing solutions for their customer’s most critical applications. However, Plastfit is committed to the mission as its understanding of how important each of its products is to the final product and strives to make each product a part of the whole. Plastfit constantly updates its machinery and production line to provide its customers with consistent product quality and continuously improve the latest innovations. Using the principle of providing precise sealing solutions as a core value, the company aims to become a trusted supplier for long-term partnerships. The company's vision is to bring sustainable sealing solutions to all needed points by updating our experience in a way that always modernizes. As long as Plastfit serves on behalf of the sealing solutions industry, we guarantee to fit into your business. #wefitanywhere

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Acoustic Seals are now in stock!

Acoustic Seals are now in stock!

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A wide selection of colors are available in stock for Plastfit acoustic door seals, including black and brown. Our seals provide up to 52 db of acoustic protection on door sets. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about Plastfit


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Ömerli mah. Atatürk Sanayi Bölgesi, Vicdan Sk. No; 7/3

34555 Istanbul - Turčija


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